What is this and who are these people?

What is NO, YOU HANG UP?

NO YOU HANG UP is a podcasted telephone support group for creative people.

It’s a lonely business, making things: spending whole days in splendid isolation, saving up your nonsense thoughts and wifflewaffle for special occasions. But! Now that that special occasion is NO, YOU HANG UP, we can all let our banters out.

Berrys Dan and Hannah talk to creative guests and each other about what they do, how they do that, and how they waste their time being silly and not doing that. It’s kind of a slice-o’-life thing, designed to keep you company while you’re out and about, slicing your own life.

Who are these people?

Dan Berry (Eisner nominated) creates comics: he is an important and regular chap about the self-publishing/indie comics scene, and his graphic novel THE SUITCASE is published by Blank Slate. He is already an established podcaster, being the Berry behind Make It Then Tell Everybody. You can read more about him and his shenanigans here.

Hannah Berry (Angoulême selected) creates comics too – her graphic novels BRITTEN & BRÜLIGHTLY, ADAMTINE and the upcoming LIVESTOCK are/will be published by Jonathan Cape – and undertakes other miscellaneous jobs around that for cash and prestige. You can read more about her and her ways here.

They haven’t worked out yet who’s the good cop and who’s the bad, but when they do they’re gonna bust this case wide open.

Who did your amazing theme tune?

That would be the super talented musician Jim Guthrie – it’s the song ‘Turn Musician’ from his album ‘Morning Noon Night’. Here’s where you can find all his music and support him.

Wait a minute, your family name is the same as your family name! Are you family??

We are awaiting the results of the DNA test.