02. Mike Medaglia and the Erotic Camaraderie

It’s the difficult second episode, so to carry us through we enlisted the dry Canadian wit of Mike Medaglia.

Contents: Dan’s Big Butt Bigfoot; Mike gets ideas in the bath; and Hannah reads semi-erotic Twilight fan fiction…properly. Sexy times. Plus, colouring books! Weird hotels! A tiny queen! Dreams of death, dismemberment and the O2 Centre!

Technical difficulty: a weird, fluctuating delay. More amusing than annoying.

Mike is online at and is @mikemedaglia on Twitter and Instagram. His graphic novel One Year Wiser and the colouring book version are taking over the world, so you should buy both and colour them in. Colour them all in. Colour everything in.
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01. It’s a Horromcom

A shiny new podcast, glistening in the sun and stumbling about on skinny legs!

Dan is bullied by a sandwich auteur; Hannah meets a celebrity and then immediately disgraces herself; Thundercats gets a gritty reboot; plus the creation of the next film in the Saw franchise “I Saw You In The Heart”, a romantic comedy.

Fun game: Animal Noises. How many animal noises can you hear?

NB: Despite adjustment, Hannah’s audio is pretty quiet on this episode. This is Hannah’s fault, and she is very sorry about that. Dan’s bloodcurdling scream, on the other hand, will rattle your eardrums. He is unrepentant.

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