12. Don’t Try This At Home

Safety goggles must be worn while listening to this podcast, and caution should be exercised around offensive notions and iguana parks. Do not show children the exciting eczema cream. Keep any sharp instruments, power tools or caravans out of reach of Dan, and ensure group photos are marked with hazard signs in the sudden event of Hannah. Caution! Contains humour and lies.

11. Kristyna Baczynski & the Waterboarding of Moomins

If you’re not vegan at the start of this episode, well, you might be by the end. Dan, Hannah and Kristyna discuss haggis, baggis, pencil-rubbing sandwiches, the ghost of the worst cheese you ever ate, NASA’s arancini space balls, vole soup, Scrooge McDucking into crisps, couscous served in a human skull, and that Lance’s tahini paninis. Listen to it, or you’ll get got!

NB This episode had crazy gremlins on the wings for the first half of the flight. Sorry.

If you liked the cut of Kristyna’s jib – and how could you not! – and you want to read more of her fabulous work, you should: 1) go to her website, 2) delight in the things, 3) buy the things.

10. Stephen Collins, Bread Saboteur

This episode is a veritable trove of exciting anecdotes. Laugh at Dan shaming himself at a Chinese buffet! Gasp at Stephen’s brushes with death while recreating classic moments of joy from films! Avert your eyes from Hannah’s scheme to escape aggressively boring people! Wonder at Dan’s Wigatorium!

That Stephen Collins, he’s a funny, funny guy. If you need visual proof of this to persuade a cynical friend or neighbour, his website is here and contains some of his Guardian strips plus details of his books and his other work. You school that friend or neighbour.
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09. Sleepygeddon

Happy New Year! Why not make 2016 the year you get yourself adopted by a celebrity? Dan and Hannah discuss mince pies, crackers and Chekhov’s guts. Meanwhile, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison and Bruce Springsteen need to have a good long think about their song lyrics.
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08. Emma Vieceli Cannot Burp

Finally, a podcast that’s not afraid to tackle the big subjects of the day: elastic bands or bananas, which is more pleasing to write on? Emma Vieceli takes time off from being about to work on Supergirl to explain Swearaoke, Dan equips his brother to join biker gang, and Hannah terrifies a telephone scammer.

Technical difficulties: for reasons too boring to go into, some of the audio is far from crystal – sorry about that!

Emma has many fingers in many pies, so you’ll need to keep an eye on her website to catch the latest work-scoop. And keep the other eye on her dramatic, romantic LGBTQA webcomic BREAKS, why don’t you? Also did you know she also drew that creepy sketchbook found in Bates Motel? She did that. That was Emma. Check her out.

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07. John Allison Presents Celebrity Boneball

Guest caller John Allison has paid £500 for this call, so it’d better contain at least two (2) emergency Pepperami tips. Dan develops a musical interest in David Beckham, John develops an apocalyptic gameshow, and Hannah gets out of her depth at a fancy-ass literary party and develops survivors guilt.

You are urged to read John’s comics online until your eyes go square just as your mother always warned, then buy the collected editions on actual paper.

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06. Simone Lia and the Breaks-Arm Club

“Of course, everyone has broken a sibling’s arm at one time or another.” This week Simone Lia calls in just as she is about to level-up as an illustrator, while Hannah is somehow the subject of a documentary and Dan makes up a tale about a washing up bowl. There are also some useful tips on tax, desk tidiness, and motivation, including the greatest motivator of them all: death.

You can read Simone’s Observer comics (including the one where Hannah is rude to her) and see more of her work on her website. You can see more still if you buy her books.

If you’re feeling mean, you can laugh at Hannah trying to address a camera like an amateur.

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05. Scamper, Brian, scamper!

Chest dreadlocks, The Wild Man of Shrops and old, matted Ewoks. Hannah lays out her zombie contingency plan (it includes a lot of baking) and Dan gets angry at people while hanging around in motorway service stations.
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04. Joe Decie and This Ghee Inferno

Joe Decie is giving up comics to start an artisanal porridge pop-up; Hannah’s weird worst job; and Dan explains butter. You’ll never look at butter the same way again! Or eat it!

We got so swept up with talking that we forgot to plug all of Joe’s work, but if you liked the cut of his jib you should read his online comics and buy his books because they are true and made up and very, very funny. You can also listen to Joe talking about these things on Dan Berry’s OTHER podcast, Make It Then Tell Everybody.

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03. Let Ham Be Your Blanket

03. Let Ham Be Your Blanket
Crunky wrists, cars that run on blood, and NHS Occult Services cutbacks. Hannah loses a fight with a playground and Dan’s daughter answers the age-old question:
“What does the top of Dan’s head smell like?”

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