11. Kristyna Baczynski & the Waterboarding of Moomins

If you’re not vegan at the start of this episode, well, you might be by the end. Dan, Hannah and Kristyna discuss haggis, baggis, pencil-rubbing sandwiches, the ghost of the worst cheese you ever ate, NASA’s arancini space balls, vole soup, Scrooge McDucking into crisps, couscous served in a human skull, and that Lance’s tahini paninis. Listen to it, or you’ll get got!

NB This episode had crazy gremlins on the wings for the first half of the flight. Sorry.

If you liked the cut of Kristyna’s jib – and how could you not! – and you want to read more of her fabulous work, you should: 1) go to her website, 2) delight in the things, 3) buy the things.