08. Emma Vieceli Cannot Burp

Finally, a podcast that’s not afraid to tackle the big subjects of the day: elastic bands or bananas, which is more pleasing to write on? Emma Vieceli takes time off from being about to work on Supergirl to explain Swearaoke, Dan equips his brother to join biker gang, and Hannah terrifies a telephone scammer.

Technical difficulties: for reasons too boring to go into, some of the audio is far from crystal – sorry about that!

Emma has many fingers in many pies, so you’ll need to keep an eye on her website to catch the latest work-scoop. And keep the other eye on her dramatic, romantic LGBTQA webcomic BREAKS, why don’t you? Also did you know she also drew that creepy sketchbook found in Bates Motel? She did that. That was Emma. Check her out.

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